Really, are you saying you squeezed a blueberry between your elbows and created anti-matter? I believe sir, that you are a natural energy source. Please attach these links, it won’t hurt a bit.

Texture Showcase – Wow, textures can be downright dangerous to play with in design, but when used like some of these sites, the look can be really cool.
How much you need to retire – figure it out here, don’t forget about the boat and the trips to Cancun in the fall. (via Lifehacker)
HealthCare For All Comparison – Everyone want better healthcare and a free oil change, but sometimes it’s not so free.
gAttach – Send attachments from gMail without uploading. One more step in moving away from Microsoft Outlook.
Gallery of sawn-in-half camera – Ya like cutaways? Check out these cameras that have all their internals sliced just so you can see how they work.
How to Make a Burning Laser Flashlight – Try this at home, but wear safety glasses or something and maybe a fire retardant suit.
LinkBamPow! – Upload up to 100MB for free and set the self-destruct to destroy all traces of your sharing.
Franz Lanting Talks – He’s a photographer and great story-teller. Scoble got him on camera here.
Skout – A HUGE slew of resources for those interesting people who like design. Ya got Fonts, Colors, Photos and Tutorial and a ton more.


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