You see that? He i’nt much for crawlin’ up in tha cracks now. Mostly ’cause he’s lackin’ tha arm n’ leg joints. Strange yes ol’ freind, nay as strange as these links.

Vlado – Sweet sketchy style of the future so slick I wish I could live in it.
15 Things Worth Knowing about Coffee – And, it’s evidently the reason most of us are even slightly likable in the mornings.
Spreeder – A free speed reading trainer. YES. War and Peace, Chapter One… go… DONE.
Sci-fi Book Covers – Most of these are on the .25 cent shelf in the half-priced book section below the CatFancy back issues. and another.
Year-End Money Moves – I’m all about cash and moving it at year-end and then moving it back and then…
Shopify Build-a-Business Contest – Your chance to give yourself a good kick in the butt and go for it.
Catalog of Nautilus Designs – I know. Mine isn’t listed either, but maybe one day
Inside the world of Steampunk – Because outside it’s cold and morbid and lacks character. Thanks Charles!

Bonus! Animational!
The Passenger – I now hate goldfish.


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