Hot towels. A whole pile of them. For a moment it took his mind off the dark corridor, the vapid steam piling against the wall and the alien horde rushing toward them. Hot towels. The creatures loved them, but if he was ever going to finish his day spa, he must make quick work of them, then get the towels back to these links.

Jason Chan – Lovely game-style illustration and concept work from dragons to zombie children and chock full of action.
Replaceface – What would famous celebrities look like as Russian generals during Napoleon’s invasion of Russia? You can even get a canvas print.
Paper Shredder – A stop motion snowboard short that took 246 hours to produce, printing each frame and cutting it out. (Would have been dope if it was 3d printed.)
Inbox zero – How to get there. Personally, I just keep it zeroed all the time by turning emails into tasks and only responding if necessary.
This & that – Another Tumblr site, capturing those things that go together, with the twist being the ampersand. Example: ham & cheese ampersandwich.
Running a shirt business – All about it. Great insight from people who have done it, if you’ve ever wanted to do it.
Ursus – I love charcoal-paper drawings. This animation by Reinis Pētersons is a wonderfully playful look into the life of Ursus, a bear who wants to leave the routine of daily life.


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