Ropes hung in the late afternoon reflection of the window. By then, most of the otter zombies had returned to the nest, except for one. The one gnawing viciously on these links.

Ed Lee – A mish-mash of ice caves and battles scenes, dino-mechs, forests and electric beams for your eclectic enjoyment.
Why Chinese Mothers are Superior – Now when someone calls you a Chinese mama, you’ll know what it means.
Graphic Violence – I ask you. Is there really any better type of violence? No, I think not. Thanks Charles!
Deck o’ Cards – Simple, minamal and hands down the best set of graphics I’ve seen on a deck of cards.
How were undersea cables are laid back in the day? – Pretty much the same way they are laid today. All you’d like to know about laying lines.
Metallic Glass – It’s super strong, super new and super cool. Now if they can just make it transform into an new robot race.
Concrete Mixer Grasshopper – The process, the modeling.

Calvin and Hobbs + Fight Club – I am Calvin’s complete lack of surprise.
The ScrollWheel – That’s not how YOU DO IT!!


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