Well now. Last week we had a little challenge for ya. Model up a light design, the best one winning a 3D Print from 3D Print service i.materialise. We had just a few entries. With the new year starting, many were likely too busy. Either that, or one of the entrants hunted you down, strangled and coerced you not to enter to improve his chances. Either way, we’ve chosen a winner. First, here are the top entries.

Letters by Felix Gfeller

Wave by Felix Gfeller

Spiral by Felix Gfeller

Tulip by Marc Kerger

Martini by Stor

Thanks to all who took part in this and even to the ones that intended to, but didn’t. You’ll have your chance eventually.

So… the winner is…

Marc Kerger!

Marc’s adjustable light design was just too good. It mixes the perfect amount of functionality with style and could be very attractive as a lamp, a pendant or sconce. Even more, it will be interesting to see how this design functions after being printed. Very cool idea Marc. Click on the top image below for a animated view of the Tulip light.


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