The stale air closed around. What else had they to do? Stretching out their arms, they open the door. Hundreds of blank, hungry, glazed-eyed faces staring back at them – some half-charred, others half-eaten – all, preparing to breath their last, undead breath, from the tidal blast force of these links.

Simon Weaner – Oh, how I love me some good, ol’ fashioned concept art that pushes you into the depth of the scene.
Avatar Sculpture Works – What if you created the most realistic sculptures the world has ever seen? From eyes to meticulous hair work, these guys do it.
Slo-mo water balloons – Nothing quite like watching 1, then 2, then 3 water balloons being dropped. Nope, nothing like it.
Passion de Jeanne D’arc – If you have a love for movie posters, you’ll love what Adrian Curry discovers about this poster of the movie voted ninth greatest film of all time.
Urbex – “The study of parts of civilization that are normally unseen or off-limits” at which Scallop Holden is a master.
Wing Kong – I was born ready… to buy this shirt and wear the heck out of it. It’s all in the reflexes.
Beer Chase – Carlton Draught… Made from Beer. And, the best beer of beer chase scenes to ever grace the screen.


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