M.C. Escher, one of the great rappers of art and mathematics, whose work has been plastered across college dorm rooms and famous galleries alike for decades. His work has been given a new twist – literally. All those impossible shapes you saw on the cover of your grade 11 algebra textbook (just to give you an indication that everything inside was seemingly impossible) have been rendered possible by Professor Gershon Elber of the Israeli Institute of Technology.

I’d Live There (If I Had the Chance)

So, how does render all of Escher’s creations in 3 dimensions? Advanced CAD programming and 3D printing, duh. Let’s look at the Penrose Triangle. “Here we present another way to simulate and realize geometry that looks like the Penrose triangle from a certain view.” Under the right light, the illusion is complete. Elber keeps running with this concept, rendering a Star of David and another optical illusion, ‘The Garden Fence” (or as I call it, Horse-thru-Fence)

But what about the Belvedere? Again, its about how you twist the shapes. And Elber pulls it off perfectly.

Here is our physical realization of Escher’s Belvedere drawing. Again, this model looks like the original Escher drawing from one direction only, whereas the (not so) vertical poles stretch from the far top to the near bottom sides and vice-versa.

Got to love the attention to detail on this one – Escher would be proud.

Great video right here about his work.

YouTube video

Source: Gershon Elber and more