Simply smashing I say! A small child climbing backwards up a river of chocolate with two poodles and a baby penguin dancing atop his head? Amazing! Have you finished your tea dear? Yes! On to… the links!

iunwind – Classy and elegant design. not a bit too early in the day for it either.
Celebration of Colors – If you like color, an who doesn’t like color, check out Poras Chaudhary’s brilliance.
How to Nail an Interview – Tighten your neck button, you’re about to be the smart and efficient job applicant.
WolframAlpha – The ‘un-google’. Perhaps the coolest search engine this side of 2009. It mathematically delicious too.
Teach Yourself Graphic Design – Yeh, forget ‘engineering design’, wrap your sense of style around thisself-study outline to get your interested in cool lookin’ graphics up to speed.
PrintFriendly – Make any site more likable for you printer. Bookmarklet and Wordpress plugin available too.

Bonus: Paper Sculpture Meyhem!
Matt Shlian – Video of Matt showing his dynamic paper sculptures.
Jen Stark – The colors just spill out all over. really cool.
Peter Callesen -Plain white paper, no problem.


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