So what do ya think, is SolidWorks ‘old lady CAD’ out for a stroll only to trip over a small grain of feature-based modeling, tumbling face-first into a small ditch mumbling, “hebber, hebber..” Hmmmm. I see some CAD vendors lookin’ on in anticipation.

They may not be tumbling, but some people are probably wondering what they’re up too with the whole direct editing technology. Deelip Menezes ponders if it’s all just Inventor Fusion and SolidWorks Confusion.

He states thoughts I’ve often wondered. So what is it? Is SolidWorks lagging or cooking up some history-free design of their own?

Dassault prefers that SolidWorks (a company that it owns) pays hefty royalties to Siemens (its competitor) for every license and subscription of SolidWorks that it sells, as opposed to earning royalties from SolidWorks (a company that it owns) for letting SolidWorks use its V6 technology.”

The V6 Technology is Dassault’s own brand of direct editing tech. used with their Catia line of products.

The competition has their own products to move them back into the era of direct modeling. PTC has Co/Create, Siemens has SolidEdge/NX with SyncTec, SpaceClaim has it’s own style and now Autodesk has Inventor Fusion. All have solid ideas about modeling parts quicker and easier. For some reason though, I have my doubts that SolidWorks is just sitting back or trying to catch up, or falling into that dirty run-off.

What are we gonna see? Are they focused on improving code and performance at the moment? From what I have seen of SolidWorks 2010, there’s more direct manipulation of features. Will we see a branding like Synchronous Technology or just be pleasantly surprised when 2010 launches? Whatever it is, you may be sketching less and clicking features a little more often.

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