zamak-3d-artOOooo, those wire don’t look right. They should be coming out of the upper metatarsal region. It probably shouldn’t look as cuddly as it does, but hey it’s furry and keeps talking about these links all cute like.

3D Art – Amazing, futuristic, 3D mechanized elegance all wrapped up in super cool renderings from Zamak.
90D90 – What happens to all the photos you take the first 90 days with your Nikon D90? This.
Livedrive – Say it with me. Free unlimited storage… at least during beta.
Gamespot – Games? Yes. Reviews of all games on all platforms. The first place to start.
Live Mocha – Learning a couple languages should be easy. A cool, interactive, social community for learning new languages. ¡Si, por favor!
Wired Top Technology of 2008 – Camera, phone, display and more. Definitely some tech to get and to look forward to.
Save $5,000 a Year – Kill 5 birds with one stone. A great strategy if you have the space to rent. – Best place to search for Jobs? In… (bad pun avoided) It just may be so.


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