Beneath the timber, hidden within the shadows and fallen leaves, she waited. It often passed through these woods, scavenging, covered in the pasty soot of its sharp, glandular encased shovelers. Part machine, part beast, strengthened over the ages with these links.

Thierry Doizon – Your eyes juices will jiggle at delight at the site of Thierry’s meticulous detail for edges and deep focal perspective.
In bed with Space Invader – Enjoy Mosaics? How about Space Invader Mosaics? How about putting them up random places around town? A night with that guy.
Sandwich design – It’s an art in itself, a delicious bread and condiment infused art that I shall take a bite from. – A place for kids to foster creative that is otherwise general crushed by bad teachers and pursuit of a paycheck.
Jambox – Turns mobile into awesome, hi-fi sound. Completely wireless. Yes, you can walk around with it on your shoulder.
Things will get better and better – E from Eels, has some insight for his 16 year old self in this letter he wrote to him. Thanks Al.
Peak Condition – The bread is a strategist and on a mission and he protects us by staying in peak condition with help from a raccoon.


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