I know you have long dreamt of taking your blueprints with you wherever you go. Well, it’s possible, or could be. The Softsheet concept by Gautham Varma is a foldable, touch-sensitive screen you can toss on your dash when you’re off to the shop or construction site. You can use it to view site plans or other large format design data, syncing from mobile devices, like an iPhone or iPad.


Gautham is an accomplished photographer and currently attending the School of Planning and Architecture in Vijayawada, India. He created the concept as a more convenient way to view architectural plans.

You can take the CAD/PDF format of your construction drawings in your pendrive or store it in your phone. While you are at the site, just plug the pendrive onto SoftSheet (transfer the files through bluetooth in case of phone) and there you go, your drawing is projected on a transparent sheet, which is foldable and touch sensitive.

Now, this idea is interesting for larger format needs, but I’m even more interested in the potential it has to become more of a tabletop device in the shop or on a build site, capable of linking to or updating between secondary mobile devices. It’s use a mobile hub of 3D information would take it beyond its use on a construction site.


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