Shifting wing to wind it steadied the spade, its feet and iron chest ablaze and back against the sun. What could this beast with razored blade, be rooting from the ground? A vine releasing plumes of smoke, burning red, wrapped in these links.

Mart Biemans – Abstract, edgy and complex illustration and digital art.
F-stops – A simple explanation and the math behind aperture size and area. – Need to wake up feeling rested? This tells you the best times to go to bed based on typical sleep cycles.
Pholium – Create, view and publish photo E-books. Photo journals, travel guides, it’s all possible.
Fallout – An absolute classic. Get the original post-apocalyptic RPG for free at GOG.
Memrise – An absolutely ingenious way to learn a new language. Start growing your garden of memory.
Benga – A new video from Benga where records simulate the sound wave of the music.


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