Unhappiness Alert: The models don’t actually pop out of the screen.

I know, it’s hard to believe you’ve been without 3D viewing in AutoCAD WS all these years, but turn those tears of sorrows into finger slaps of joy. You can now view your 3D AutocCAD files on AutoCAD WS in… 3D (granted Turboviewer did this 6 months ago) “What? You didn’t go there did you?” I DID. Autodesk also has a few other features up its sleeve for this new update of AutoCAD WS.


Make the most of your smartphone or tablet’s touch screen as you move and rotate your designs in three dimensions wherever you are.

Did you hear that party people, “…wherever you are.” Like the bathroom or the moon or a bathroom on the moon. *FINGER JAB* 3D viewing on the moon. It’s like magic, which people also call Wifi.

You can also plot 3D views of your model and email them out to colleagues and clients.

FROM THE MOON. They always forget that part. AutoCAD WS can be downloaded from the underbelly of the internet at iTunes or the Android Marketplace.


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