The brush thistles lifted. The children slept atop their elephant pillows, chattering dreams of elf and sprite. Fog and seed and mossy green cushioned the sighs against the leaves. And hidden there, glowing white, with the glow of joy’s delight, these links.

Feng Zhu – Page upon page of glorious concept art depicting scenes of city, sky, space and more that will satiate your sci-fi likes. Thanks Rod!
C.S. Long lines – How were transatlantic phione lines first laid down? With a ship. This first “ultra modern” Cable ship in fact. Thanks Butch!
Hexaflexagons – We’ve had so much fun with this already in our home. Get your strips of paper and markers. Go. Thanks Anna!
Stencil Revolution – If you like don’t like fonts except for the stencil type of fonts, then this very specific font site is for you. Thanks Rod!
Paris 3D – Am interactive, 3D exploration of Paris and its prized monuments, from Dassault Systemes, featuring fly-by views and history.
Monsterbox – A bright and fun animation about a girl and her monsters to take you into the weekend.


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