chiu-illustration-350Did that really just happen? That tree just spontaneous combustulated, a thousand woodland creature crawled out of the hole left behind, followed by Burt Bacharach and these links.

Weird little creatures – The illustrative creature works of Bobby Chiu. Simply the coolest, most surreal creature illustration imaginable.
Tilt Shift Photography – Everything you wanted to know about tilt-shift photography and how to do it.
Ace of Mace – A fun little game that will have you flickin’ away for hours… or until completely frustrated.
Tim Ferriss Interview – Famed author of ‘The Four Hour Workweek’ gets questioned by Mr. Leo ‘productivity’ Babuta.
How to Hedge with your Personal Finances – Those prices will be a’fluctuating and you could always save for that boat. Here’s how to do it smooth.
FontPicker – Reads the fonts on your computer. You enter text to see all the glorious way it will look.
Fighting Giraffes – If you do that again, I swears you will get a face full of neck.


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