orangewood-childrenHave you ever been working through a design – finding solutions, working with others, getting sick of IT problems when suddenly you realize you would like to give someone else the opportunity to experience all the wonderfully nurturing engineering you’ve done? You can.

Alex Ruiz, The SW Geek, was given that opportunity and he wants to pass it on to all the boys and girls that are in the same spot he was so many years ago. And ya know what? It couldn’t be easier for you to help out too.

The Orangewood Children’s Foundation helps kids who have had it rough, to say the least. Alex is personally familiar with the foundation. He was one of the many children that received care, help and just the right amount of inspiration to lead him to the career he enjoys today.

Alex tells his story and has set the goal of raising $5000 for the foundation. Of which, 100% will go to help out all those young whippersnappers. You or your company can donate to the cause. It’s easy and you’ll be impacting a child’s life in ways you’ll never know.


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