Kept in a crevice, between a rock and a tree, the rusted armature lay. Larger than most, it would hold eight of the smaller beings, strapped into the various controls. And somehow, for decades, they would operate on nothing else that the raw energy of these links.

Oscar Ramos – The illusions and range of subject matter are wonderful, but the incredible detail is even more wonderful. He has a particular knack for illustrating a perfect sizzling pan of bacon.
Encyclopdia sculpting – You will be astounded and amazed at UK-based artist Alexander Korzer-Robinson’s use for printed encyclopedias.
Riding with a ghost – The result of what some creative parkourers must do when there are already one to many videos of someone flipping off a ledge.
Lacy Eggs – I admit, I have a thing for hand-carved eggshells. Carved an ostrich egg once… once. Beth Ann Magnuson is much better at it.
Clock Live – For the Android peeps, this Clock Live Typographic wallpaper is fabulous. In fact, I will buy an Android device just for this.
Facehugger – Some know my affinity for Alien chestbursters and facehuggers. This is a facehugger created entirely out of animal bones.
Importing CSS Swatches to PS – An incredibly handy little tutorial that kills the manual process of setting up your website’s color swatches in Photoshop.
86,400 – That’s how many seconds are in a day. This is one of them.


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