Honest, good sir, I was just meandering down the path, just meself ya see. When up popped this scaly, old fellow with a bag, a bag full of reconstituted onions and links from the smell of it.

Tuomas Korpi – Someone once told me, composition is really important. I think you’ll agree, Tuomas has it down.
How Round is Your Circle? – Soak in the cold, hard beauty of engineering and mathematics. Linkage, line and balancing fun.
Landscape Photo Blog – It’s what you’d expect. Landscape photos. Except they’re really, really good landscape photos. IE required.
If Neil Armstrong Died on the Moon – This was the speech good ol’ Nixon would have read if…
The Death of Multi-tasking – Your multi-tasking is so, so, so 1.0. Turn everything off and get with the 2.0.
The Best Movies of All Time Infographic – They totally left out BottleRocket, Ong Bak Thai Warrior and Madagascar 1, NOT 2.
Making of THE SHINING – Speaking of Best Movies. The documentary and if you want the commentary from Vivian Kubrick it’s here.

Bonus! Skateboardin!
RDS Skateboard Bails – It kinda hurts.
Jamie Thomas – Hail to the Chief.
Girl Skateboards – ROCK. All the Girl Videos.


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