Just look at those happy digits going at it with pure multi-touch tappin’ delight. Cool desktop UI’s are great fun to play with, but with Windows 7 launching October 22nd and many already using it, multi-touch and UI’s are about to converge.

Bumptop is on it. Version 1.2, you can download right now, has all the multi-touch support you need for getting more out of a UI. Take a look at the video and tell me this isn’t going to change how you work or affect how other programs incorporate touch gestures. Now to get it off a 2D screen.

This is good for BumpTop, really good. Using it with a mouse just doesn’t cut it. Also, if you don’t put everything on your desktop it didn’t make a lot of sense, except for being a unique interface. This version changes things. You get better ways to organize, use social media and interact with content. Very Sweet. The downside, you’ll need the Pro version ($29) to get unlimited sticky note and the fancy multi-touch gestures. There’s also no version for Linux or Mac, yet. I can’t imagine why that wouldn’t change. See the Free and Pro comparison, download and let them know you want a Mac or Linux version here.


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