Ya want me ta blast it!! I’ll bet half a bottle of whiskey and a old, crooked post against making it through a ring of bunnies of that caliber. You’d need at least five direct hits and links so vicious it’d make yer feet swell!

Experience the Planets – Because you can’t breath in space on your own, these artist are here to help you imagine it, space that is.
SuseStudio – Wow, nice. Customize and distribute your own Linux build. This makes other OS’s look dumb.
iPhoneARKit – Augmented Reality Kit… for the iPhone. Pure AR geekery to get you building into that portable drug.
Spezify.com – A cool new visual search engine, with an interesting UI. Flash based, so no play with mobiles.
How to naturally Reset Your Sleep Cycle in One Night – Just don’t do it back to back or after passing yourself in a wormhole.
Bobby McFerrin Hack Your Brain – In less than a minute, Bobby has the audience doing the pentatonic scale. [Youtube]

Bonus: More Randomness!
Zoomission – Get a service quote, free. Also, build your service biz.
Odopod.com – Sketch, Sketch, Sketch, all online.
6 acre living roof – Vancouver’s Convention Center has grass on it.


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