In fact, you would probably go through a few pack mules depending on the number of intersections you cross and your ability to steer a loaded ass from your hometown. So what’s the cheapest route?

You could actually go for free, but you’ll have to do a presentation, get hired by SolidWorks or get on the press list by writing for a ‘zine or posting pointless articles online. Other than that, here’s how to go about getting to the conference for the cheapest price possible.

Don’t Procrastinate like a 3 Year Old Going To Bed

First thing. The conference is January 31st 2010 (Sunday) through February 3rd, 2010 (Wednesday) in Anaheim, California. This is close to Los Angeles Airport (LAX).

If you get the passes before Oct. 9, 2009, you can go for $530.00, you and two other people. Go for the 3 for 2 deal. Here’s the breakdown as I calculate it flying from mid-America (out in the boondocks) Tulsa, OK.

Conference Pass (You): $530
Airfare (Roundtrip): ~$248
Hotel (6 nights) : ~$500

Total: ~$1278/person

Travel Resources, Anaheim Deals – Keep an eye on this site as you get closer to the conference. You can easily find hotel deals for under $100 dollars per night, even some with vacation packages if you intend to go to that one amusement park over there.
Anaheim Convention Center – This will give you resources related to anything about Anaheim, the Conference location and surrounding area with maps.

So, who’s going? I’ve got new stickers to make. Thinking of maybe doing shirts this year? Whatcha think?


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