Prepare your drive systems and Plastruders my Cartesian coordinating friends. The great “Horn of DIY Fab” has sounded and the battle to maintain your 3D print fix and MakerBot units sold is EMINENT.

Since MakerBot released it’s printer mid-April 2009, demand has been so high they’re turning to the MakerBot community to keep production of the cutest, little 3D printer rolling. The added benefit? You can get paid to enjoy doing what you love to do – printing 3D parts to print other 3D parts to print other 3D parts… yes, it’s mind-numbing, but OH, so genius.

Repeat after me, “I am an open, hackable robot for making nearly anything.”

there are 4 idler pulleys that are printed by the machine, for the machine. Currently, we produce all of the idler pulleys on our own bank of MakerBots in our Brooklyn factory…That is where you, the MakerBot Operator comes in. If you have a MakerBot, then you have the means of production…We will pay $1.00 / pulley for 608 Idler Pulleys. Download the linked file for the 608 Idler Pulley (.stl file) and print it out. – MakerBot Blog

So be a part of MakerBot history… nay, be a part of MANUFACTURING HISTORY, and print your MakerBot parts to bring 3D printing joy and happiness to millions of other children and fab freaks. Go get’em.

Via Fabaloo


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