Oh, it was a dark and formidable time. There was the constant sound of gears churning in the distance, the laughter of bears jumping on trampolines, and these links popping you in the eye whenever you turned a corner.

Dennis Allain – Fabutastically detailed architectural work. Be sure to check out the design process on some images.
15 Facts about caffeine – I don’t need 15 facts. I need 15 cups of coffee flavored coffee… black.
Battle of the Bulge/Budget – Great (funny) article from Motley Fool’s Robert Brokamp on money and blubber management.
Home-made Nuclear Reactor – It’s simple after you suck the atmosphere out of the vacuum chamber. You could do this too.
Baby DJ Decks – An iPad app with two cute, little turntables to turn you into the mixmaster of the party.
Lightning strike 3X – What does it look like when three building are struck by lightning simultaneously? Cool, like this.
5 True War Stories… – that put every action movie to shame.


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