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Don’t look. Do NOT LOOK! Oh, well, now you’ve gone and done it. You were curious. You hear ‘3D City’ and you just can’t help yourself. Now you’re questioning your very existence. It’s ok though, because it’s just an app and only looks like it will suck you right in.

The people responsible? Newscape Technology. They have a bit of a handle on 3D and mapping and they’re going up against the likes of Google Earth and Microsoft Virtual Earth to prove it. They gave you a taste with the 3D Paris and Mobile 3D city apps for the iPhone.

Now, they’re developing the iPad versions and the results are impressive, especially the speed at which it renders. Take a look.

You can read more about what goes into an app like this and the companies involved in putting it together at Mobile 3D City. The app currently only uses one city, good ol’ Paris, but you can imagine the applications this will have once more are added.

Via PadGadget


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