hi-res wallpapersFrightening. I had my suspicion, but there it is. The yarn industry is controlled by a small cartel of angry, yet highly intelligent absorbent wool mittens, and these links.

40 Brilliant Hi-Res Wallpapers – For all ya crazy wallpaper nuts. These are some cool, inspiring wallpapers, many with 3D effects.
Tyler Durden’s 8 Rules of Innovation – You are not your new laptop.
Keep Spending Tidy with an Envelope System – Budgets, dang things. The only time we stay on budget in the SolidSmack household is when we use some envelopes to divide up expenses. arg.
Neoformix Data Visualization Tools – I’ve linked to some. here they all are. Recording and analyzing your friend’s conversations will make you popular.
Getting Paid what you’re worth – Who needs to get paid what they’re worth, when you’re rockin’ some new threads from the thrift store. It’s all in the eyebrows.
Kevin Francis Gray Sculptures – These eerie bronze and plaster castings from Mr. Gray are sure to send you into a very odd and surreal weekend. enjoy.


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