inspection Xpert for solidworksRight when you thought the product inspectors were coming after you with rude and ambiguous looks of disapproval, a company out of North Carolina rises from the ashes of poorly documented drawing sheets and reveals the most beneficial tool a tightly toleranced engineering company could ask for.

ExtensibleCAD brings you InspectionXpert, a program to automate the task of producing quality inspection documents and cut the time to get first-article, process and part approvals. Here’s the scoop…

Automated Inspection Sheets
Do you use inspection sheets? Do you know the pain of creating them or dealing with Inspection about items missed on the drawings? I tested this out for my friend Jeff Cope who developed the program. It’s one of those programs that you just stare at in amazement as it scans through the drawing, collects the information, and adds the correct instruction back in before you even burn your mouth on your next sip of coffee.

It’s fast, yeah, but the benefit is in the inspection sheets it kicks out for the approval process your company goes through and the downstream time it take the inspectors to do their job. You create the sheet and each inspection item is linked back to a specific item of the drawing. If you’re an engineer, those mean, ‘ol inspectors won’t despise you any more… and if you are an inspector, let your ‘incompetent’ engineers know about this to make your job way more easy.

Two Versions
ExtensibleCAD has created two version of the software:
Inspection Xpert for SolidWorks – an SolidWorks add-on that is integrated directly into the SolidWorks User Interface.
Inspection Xpert First Arcticle – captures inspection characteristics directly from your 2D drawing. Supports Autocad, Autodesk Inventor, Cadkey, ME10, PDF, SolidEdge, SolidWorks, TIFF, Visio and more.

I just got some price info from Jeff. The cost is $1195 per seat. It’s set there to have an ROI of 1 month. That is very reasonable. Here’s is an edrawing example of a ‘part to be inspected’

Here’s some images with explanations and a video to boot.

inspection expert for solidworks drawings
Look, fully integrated into SolidWorks. That reeks of efficiency.

inspection for solidworks
Dang. Hit the button and it sucks all the inspection dimensions in and automatically calculates limits and tolerances.

inspections sheets for solidworks
You can export a customizable inspection sheet. That will make those inspectors like you.

inspection dimensions in solidworks
Here’s the final output. Inspection balloons automatically added into the drawing.

Here’s a video that goes over a lot of the features very quick. You may have to squint, but Jeff swears he’s making some other videos.


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