It’s the round about way they all bubble up at once, straight into your nose, out your eyelids and on to start families and businesses selling a wide assortment of pudding cakes, pudding cakes mixed with these links.

Wei Ming! – Nope, I’m not related, but I do like his 3D work and his 2D work and his concepts and his site.
Pianolina – We all know you’re a savant. This will prove it… or simply make a lot of racket.
Drumstick Pencil – Really, nothing else needs to be said. Buy. Thank Al. – The guide to the world’s oddities, except for that old guy that lives on the corner. I checked.
KittehKitteh – I once too dreamed I was a giant fire breathing cat and then realized I actually was.
Sound Sculptures – It’s not so much the sound, but the fact that 25 woodworms actually have a soothing softness to their gnawing.
ArcAttack – From the Dorkbot SXSWi show. Tesla would be proud. Also looks like a fun family activity.


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