vuuch-sceneWell, would you look at that. You’ve put on the ‘nice shirt’ to start the week off and nobody has said a thing. Well, TEAR. IT. OFF. and as you do, scream VUUCH! at the top of your lungs.

Sure it will get attention, but even more important, it will shred the vocal cords and remind you that this Thursday, they are having a very rare web preview to show you what Vuuch is and what it actually does for you. So, if you’re having trouble pronouncing words with two ‘U‘s in them or curious about what Vuuch does, here are the details.

When: Thu, Mar 25, 2010 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EDT
Sign up: Vuuch Webinar

Basically, Vuuch allows you to keep discussions going without emails or loosing attachments. It’s all captured online, the entire conversation.

Here’s how Vuuch puts it:
Think Facebook for your parts and assemblies. It’s a mashup of product development and social networking. With Vuuch projects are completed with less hassle, less email and less frustration and if you have any compliance or regulatory requirements Vuuch delivers what you need without forcing you to change how you work.

Things I personally like about Vuuch:
It’s web-based.
It’s inside SolidWorks.
It has an open API
You don’t need sharepoint.
You don’t need email.
You don’t need a spreadsheet.
You don’t need a colostomy.

Things I personally dislike about Vuuch:
The interface needs to be better
The concept is difficult to understand
The discussions need to be threaded
It needs options for managing discussions
You need a web connection

I wonder if you think the same and (most likely) so does Vuuch. So check out the webinar and give your opinion.

Promo week? Yes. We’re taking a little time to blatantly promote the activities of people and companies in the product development scene. Got some news? Send it in!


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