The pump! Release the gate valve and reverse the hurt-mags! We’ve got a zombie-class 8 weave-worm breaching the main duct! We’ve got to get these links out!

Rysh – I “Rysh” you would look at this to see some excellent character development. Not much there, but tis glorious.
Coolest Clock Ever – It’s totally different from the clock that you stuck the old man in, this is an LCD.
How to suck at Facebook – It’s so hard, I know, but the oatmeal shows you how.
10 Design Quotes – People made witty quotes about design and creativity, and then others made posters of them.
16 addictive online flash games – Another addiction to add to the list of time-wasting fun. Like you need this.You do.
Zhangjiajie National Park – Those floating mountains in Avatar. Yeah, idea was totally ripped off from here. Breathtaking indeed.
100 Quotes Every Geek should Know – But please, do not, no matter what, tattoo them on any part of your body.


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