Buried amongst the thorns, winter long and cold, the bramble beast. Should the rope be torn from his pack fast enough, he may ride, but quick the beast is and torn not was his sheathed cord. Found there amidst briared air, he stood, breath stolen, as rose slow the the bramble beast dripping with these links.

Richard Dumont – Color and perspective with an amazing composition of structure and light. Just a few elements making Richard Dumont’s art simply wonderful.
LENR – Cold Fusion is here. NASA video talks about the future of energy… (oh, and what’s really going with alternative energy.)
10 Things to do with Twinkies – Hostess is going bankrupt, but that doesn’t mean Twinkies become any less useful.
Mr. Dictator Head – and other owrk by Stephen Ives (scroll through to see the dictator head action) via Neatorama.
E-Bugster – Not only is this a cool commercial, the new on the beetle from Volkswagon is looking mighty cool and mighty vicious as well.
Nitro Circus Trailer – Travis Pastran and the crew are bringing the car launching, face crushing, skin flaying action in 3D.


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