Quick, while everyone is distracted with the aftermath of CES, drop what you’re doing right now and have a look at sunglass.io immediately. Sunglass.io is a venture-backed MIT startup, based out of San Francisco, co-founded by Kaustuv DeBiswas and Nitin Rao. Today, they’ve launched Sunglass.io, a browser-based environment for seamless collaboration and soon, a suite of on-demand third-party 3D computation apps that can be run concurrently. These apps include surface dimnesioning, CFD analysis and 3D rendering.


In just six months, this startup has put together one of the slickest web-based 3d apps yet and the only 3d web app allowing 3D content collaboration. Now, you’ll see when you get into it that the working with the 3D models isn’t what you’re use to, but the loading and rotation is smooth and even with a technology in it’s infancy, you can see the possibilities this has to extend your design and engineering toolset.

The vision of Sunglass is to democratize design tools by removing barriers to access and create an ecosystem by leveraging the micro-innovations appearing in the design computation community. We have a long way to go and several hurdles to cross, but as a step forward we are releasing the first version of our platform called the Stage. It is a web based, format agnostic shared model space for the 3D community and makes sharing, presenting, discussing 3D content easy. super easy. If you are a product designer wanting to showcase your work in 3D or, if you are an architect reviewing designs with a remote client or, if you are a 3D artist collaborating with multiple colleagues over the network – we believe you will find Stage valuable. – Kaustuv DeBiswas, co-founder.

That’s not all they’re up to. The next release will have what they call Sim, the app store that will run design apps off their servers, producing the ability to do heavier computation for mobile and browser-based devices. We’ll be hearing back from the sunglass.io crew soon to give you more.

Via Sunglass.io


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