I picked’em off one by one, but it was actually the giant multi-headed caterpillars that really made things a mess. Had to use these links to clean up.

Spiral Coverpop – Jim Bumgardner can make photos pop-up. These are Spirals from Flickr. Check out the other ones too.
DIY Ballistics Gel – You never know when you’ll need to pour a gel encasement around you to stop a bullet. Thanks Ben.
Glide OS – A very slick multi-platform syncing tool. It should always be this easy really.
Picasa2Flickr – Finally! This great Picasa plug-in to upload photos to Flickr has been upgraded! Get it!
Gmail Labs – The last Tab in your setting has cool new feature you can test out in Gmail. Try the mouse gestures!
Slow-Motion punches – Looks kinda rough… but also kinda funny.


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