AMD has just been making all sorts of Duo-core, 64-bit waves with their new mobile ‘Puma’ platform release yesterday. There’s a lot of news, but not much meat about what this chipset will do for mobile computing or 3D, so here’s some key points to start a discussion.

Maybe some others, more hardware savvy than I, can give their opinion on how AMD’s technology will make 3D CAD programs like SolidWorks perform better. Some seem to think these new platforms will have the performance of a Mac within a PC with phenomenal HD.

AMD says its chipsets deliver three times better 3-D performance and five times better high-definition image quality than competing models because of the strength of its integrated graphics. Foxnews

Here’s the highlights. What do you think?

Single Source CPU Platform – Processor (Turion X2 Ultra 64), GPU (ATI Radeon), bus interface (AMD’s M780G), and SB700 South Bridge connected via AMD’s Hypertransport 3 bus.
Hybrid Graphics support – Can accept integrated, discreet or combination. Discreet GPU’s render graphics from dedicated video RAM, which helps system performance.
Enhanced HD – MPEG2, H.264, and VC1 playback, lower power/lower noise levels, HDMI, DVI, and DisplayPort support.
Many OEM’s on board – HP, Dell, Acer, Asus, and Toshiba’s Satellite Series. They’ll start showing up next week.

Via Engadget, InfoWorld, DigitalHomeThoughts


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