The days dwindled. The chimes clanged. Both breeze and beeling lit upon the last leaf of the season. Looking across the land there was an eerie warmth massing piles of fog from the water bottoms. The glow was faint at first, then deep it plunged and emerged these links.

Gilar – Love the use of color, texture and more color in the vector style of these emotion capturing portraits.
Movember – Mustache growing month is upon us, Nick Offerman shows you how to grow it proper with a few simple tips.
Colors in Culture – The meaning of red in one country may be yellow in another country, or vice versa. Thanks John!
Evernote everything – If you use Evernote, you’re probably in the 95th percentile of the most organized. Take it one step further. Thanks Butch!
Baby Stingrays – The bottoms of stingrays always looked a bit funny to me with their little sad/happy faces and dancing legs.
Cracking Art – An Italian group who creates large, odd art installations through a ‘revolutionary use of plastics’.
Seed – The year is 2071. Colonization of Gaia begins. The outcome… not so good. Short film by Tyson Wade Johnston. Thanks Simon!


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