I’m tellin’ ya now. One of those wiggly little creatures is bad enough, but I draw the line at two. That’s when you gotta get out an extra wetnap, a banana and some tasty links like these.

The Sphere Project – What can you do with a sphere in 3D? Hurts the brain to think about huh? This project has been going since 2006 and shows just how insanely creative some people are.
35+ Examples of Corporate Social Media in Action – Some of the corporates players know Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and this is how the’yre using it.
The Secret to Captivating Content? More Cowbell! – I love the analogy Brian Clark draws to the cowbell in the SNL skit wit Christopher Walkens as THE Bruce Dickinson.
Picasso’s Bull – Picasso analyzes a bull and reduces it plate by plate to 12 strokes of visually abstract simplicity.
Design Study of Big Blogs – Yeah, it’s web design stuff, but if you like stats and wonder what good and bad goes into a layout, this is for you.


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