We’re doomed. The robot armies are massing. As if simple non-humanoid robots were bad enough, now tiny, toddler-like and highly functional robot are coming to the market very, very soon people. Start packing. Aldebaran Robotics is bringing on the dream that many have of a personal robot companion to romp around with and they just so happen to be using SolidWorks to design Nao, the two-legged, wi-fi totting mechbot with swappable heads. *shiver*

The latest news is that, Nao, will be on the market soon with a pretty little price tag of €10,000 (or roughly $15,600). About the price of adopting a child, but then again, children do not come with wi-fi and swappable heads. *shiver*

You can get a better idea of the creepiness of what it will be like to see the glowing eyes and shaky appendages coming for you in the array of videos here. So innocent looking huh? (Great music choices guys.)


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