I tell you now, it made my stomach churn. When we reversed the polarity, it’s face jiggled, and poof, a pile of suds. Then, we reversed it again and ya know what? Cheese… covered in these links.

Goro Fujita – The gallery of one of the best character animators ever. Plants, animals, robots… he does it all then smacks you with more.
Sprocket – I not only want to wear these electronic signs when biking, but also when I’m cooking or in a meeting. Thanks Nick!!
Alice for iPad – What is this? a book? Surely not! It is a book… the future of books, except with more distracting features.
Sleep is Death – It’s 8-bit, it’s two-player, the idea is phenomenal
Polynoid – Demo reel from Polynoid. This is not 3D CG, this is simply astounding 3D CG. Crank the volume.
Springclean your PC – This is pretty low-key, I use a high-pressure garden hose, a goat and fire to clean mine.
125 Maya and Studio Max Tutorials – This should keep you busy for a while. Lock the doors, put your favorite tune on repeat and enjoy.

Skateboarding Animation – The safe way to skate? Wear a helmet… or cut out paper skateboarders for a video. Watch those scissors.
Master of all infographics – 100% of this infographic is 100% true.


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