You just know, when you see babies… in pods, nothing good can come of it. It either means baby alien mama’s are gonna hatch and eat your face or that someone had no idea what they were thinking for a design. This one happens to be the later.

Designed by Caterina Tiazzoldi, this structure of spherical sleeping containers would seem like a minimal shelving system for napping tikes. That is until the babies start removing themselves from the pods… unintentionally. Images of the ideal situation follow.

I had to laugh when I saw this. Some think that pod sleeping is “conducive to falling asleep” but this is just conducive to a wad of babies falling to the floor or into the tines of twisted metal. WORST idea ever for child care. However, you could use them to raise bunnies in or for a soup buffet.

Via Yanko Design

Caterina has been making a correction to the postings about the interpretation of this design around the web. Yanko removed their posting of it, but as directed by Ms. Tiazzoldi, I’d like to add here clarification below…

Napping Pod is not a baby killer design. I am an architect designer. I develop seriously my work as a professional and academic. I never produced killer design. Often the projects I develop present unexpected forms of comfort. In the case of Onion Pinch in the fabrication phase nobody would think it would become extremely comfortable (particularly for children).

It may end up being extremely comfortable, but for the record, if I needed a baby/child storage facility, I wouldn’t use this.


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