That’s what I called it, and nobody dared challenged me. Being covered in oil, cayenne pepper and these links probably helped.

40 Professional Free Icon Sets – The best darn icon sets I’ve seen the last couple days. Box icons, food icon, and, yes, even some 3D icons.
SmallWorld – A 3D Virtual World? Inside your browser? Play games and watch videos together? Pigs can fly?
All about ROWE – eww, business stuff. But, I bet you would love working anywhere, anytime. yeah, I thought so.
The Telectroscope – A tunnel between New York or London? or a broadband network? you decide.
Hubcap Creatures – your life will never be the same. That’s all I’m gonna say.
20 ways to learn language online – Like you need 20 right? well, one of these is bound to get you into trouble with new words and phrases.


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