I’m loving what Steven Kempton, from the Ponoko Blog, and his new band of writers (David, Duann, Roy, and Indigo) are putting out. They look at all the different aspects that surround manufacturing, art and design.

David posted an item I recognized, the Demakersvan Cinderella table, but hadn’t given much thought to in the past. Once you realized it’s a creation of CAD and CNC, you either think, that’s impossible, or dang… what else could I make.

The Cinderella table, featured in a MoMA (Museum of Modern Art) Exhibit a couple years ago, is an artistic approach to what is possible with CAD and CNC. This table was created from sketches of furniture scanned, turned into 3D geometry and cut from 57 layers of birch plywood. When you see the 360 view at the Demakersvan site you’ll understand the complexity… but also an amazing simplicity.


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