artists-market.jpgSometimes when you run down a hill as fast as you can you won’t hit a tree root and go flyin, but if you do, watch out for the baby rabbits and also sticks.

SuperMarket – Connect with designers. See what they make.
Elf Yourself – How much more festive can you get by turning someone you love into a dancing elf? Thanks Patrick! 1
Top 10 Most Bizarre Experiments – This is the absolute weirdest stuff I’ve ever read. – Organize your travel and automatically builds you a master itinerary. Good for upcoming SolidWorks World 2008.
Engadget Holiday Gift Guide – This should make it easier right? The links are at the bottom of the post.
Workday Gameplan – the commentary is boring, but what Ms. Morgenstern says is right on the money.
Quick Reference to Windows Alt Codes – comes with a link to a handy pdf and some great tips in the comments section.
Outsourcing your life – I’ve seen this video a few times, but just had to show you. Tim also provides a nice list of companies to get you started outsourcing your life.


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