flickr-photos.jpgYou know that feeling you get when you look out over a drop off and you’re like I could jump that and you get that funny feeling? These links are kinda like that.

Flickr Related Tag Viewer – Take an interactive journey through Flickr. from the maker of SimpleViewer.
World of Warcraft Commercials – Mr. T pities you with his Night Elf Mohawk. Willy Shatner gets in on the fun too.
Internet out of room in two years – I guess 1.1 billion gigabytes this year alone is just way too much.
Bhakarwadi Recipe – How random and delicious can a spicy Indian dish be? About like this.
Arktyp’s Poster Site List – Ya like posters? I like them. A wall isn’t a wall without the right print.
What about OpenID? – OpenID. Heard of it? Could change the way you access things online. Worth reading.


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