dr-don-norman-emo-design.jpgOne of the speakers at SolidWorks World 2008 is going to be Dr. Don Norman. His book The Design of Future Things just came out last Monday.

“It’s meant to be fun to read, but it’s meant to be a little bit scary and cautionary.”

Sounds good. The book is a continuation of a previous book, titled Emotional Design, which his Keynote Address will focus on. What’s that? Well “attractive things work better” and “an activity-centered design” is the key. You may think he’s off his rocker, but you gotta admit, you like cool looking stuff.

Anyway, all this to say, Bruce Tharp from Core77 spoke with him at School of the Art Institute of Chicago. If you want a preview of some things you may hear at his Keynote address, check out the interview here. It’s definitely thought provoking and shouldn’t be ignored.


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