Suddenly and without warning, I leapt to my feet, only to realize I had no feet and the ceiling was much shorter than it was when I had a beard. That can really throw off your concentration. Fortunately I came across these links.

Desktop wallpaper for July – I was gonna make one for ya, but there’s already so many good ones here. Smashing Magazine does this every month.
How to Write a Quick Thank-You Note – Well, isn’t that nice? A thank you note addressed to me. what, no money inside?! Where’s the appreciation these days?
Practical Guide for earning Six Figures – when you break it down, it seems so much more possible. There’s a whole series with great ideas.
Best List of Financial Calculators – SmartMoney has it all. Now that you have some ideas from the above, here’s a list to make it happen.
SuperMarket of the Future? – Using a cellphone for faster checkouts? what do you think? I thought 3DVia was gonna make it possible to do all this online. Ya know, the virtual supermarket.
Dave Quiggle Endurance Skateboards – My friend Joel Holmes at Endurance Skateboards now has decks with designs by the legendary tattoo art-est, Dave Quiggle. You must go buy one now for you or your kids to learn how to skate.


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