Recently, SolidWorks thwarted a would-be Zombie attack by launching the SolidWorks Geniuses marketing campaign. First up was the Leonardo Da Vince Self-Powered (Zombie-eliminating) Cart. You saw it, I’m sure, and desired to get your hands on the model so you too could prevent an ensuing Zombie onslaught.

Well, you’re in luck. Rob Rodriguez is putting on his monthly PhotoWorks rendering contest and this month’s model is none other than, yep, the Zombie-killin’ cart o’ death. You can download the SolidWorks model here.

Yes. Of course. It so obvious. You strap some cricket bats to that sucker and you’ll be knockin’ the heads of the undead while keeping your distance and your brain-cage intact.

PhotoWorks Tips
PhotoWorks is what I’m most unfamiliar with in SolidWorks, but also one of the things I’m most interested in. So, what tips would you give me to get started on the right foot? There’s the new PhotoWorks step-by-step Book from Rob and he’s got some tips on his site as well, but what do you do to start off your rendering? Do you have a process no one knows about? How do you get the lighting just the way you want?

Some have tried PhotoWorks, some use it all the time, so here’s your chance to download a cool model, enter the contest, share some tips with everyone and maybe together we can save the human race.


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