electronic architechture bookYes’m, the sky split open like one of them biscuit cans and then my mama takes out this laser shootin’ thing, but these links were downright mean I tell ya.

Piel.Skin Contemporary Architecture – An online architechture book, but whats cool about this is the live link to Google Maps that shows where the buildings are.
How to Make a Physical Gmail Notifier – I love the links my brother finds. They use a lighted cub, but police sirens would be more approriate.
TwittBuzz – What’s going on in the Twit-osphere? THIS is. Shows real-time most linked-to topics being discussed on Twitter.
Vistas Best Features on XP – They’re not all in one program, but you may find something cool, like that 3D screen flippin’ stuff.
Free Photoshop book – A totally free, and totally useful book for getting graphics going on the web with PS. Yes, that is really cool.
BrandTags.com – What one word would you use to describe SolidSmack? This site shows what people feel a brand is.


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