df_brushes.jpgWhat in the world does it take to get a few good people to jump up and down at the same time? I mean, maybe I’m asking to much, but I do what I can and I end up having to jump up and down all by myself. At least I have this links.

DesignFruit.com – The best set of Photoshop brushes out there.
Desktop Tower of Money: 3 tips to profit from casual games – great article with link to the super fun and addictive game.
Top 25 Web 2.0 Apps for Money, Finance, and Investment – managing money and investments keeps getting better and better. Be sure to at least check out Prosper, NetworthIQ, Wesabe, Zecco, Zillow and PayScale.
The Muppets Show – at YouTube.com. Need I say more? my favorite one. (animal vs. buddy rich)
Refurber.com – a DIY community site. great resource with lots of info.


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