animal_house.jpgFor all of you that are going back to school or have kids going back to school, I thought I would give you some nice resources to help out.

Check Out the School – Interactive site to check out schools, compare and discuss with others.

Get Settled with Style
IKEA – – This is a fresh little site to get those all too important items to make living in a 8×10 room with somone else that much more pleasant.

Keep in touch – A Web-based text messaging service that enables two-way communications from the Web to any mobile phone in the U.S.

Make Lots of Friends – A social site that works well for those in school. Helps connect to others and build friendships.

Get Good Grades – This app helps you get organized and balance your load.

Start a Business – For the kids to keep them from developing bad habits at school. For the parents to give them something to do with all their free time.


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