Luxion is dishing out a a slew of render tech this week at SIGGRAPH 2012 and even though I work for the company, it’s a refreshing look at visualization on the web. Visualization I didn’t think we, in the 3D world, wouldn’t see so soon. A couple weeks ago, I caught the first glimpse of the sizzlin’ materials and two addons coming to the KeyShot 3D Rendering and Animation software. Now, I’ve had the opportunity to play with them a little more, and gotta say, if you’re a KeyShot user fiending for some hot, new materials or want a way to view your renderings on any mobile device, you’ll definitely want to check this out.

DuPont Paints

Luxion is adding DuPont Paint to it mega-list of materials. A partnership was formed between Luxion and DuPont Performance coatings who will soon serve up their vast number of Hot Hues and commercial finishes via their website. A sample set will be included in the next version of KeyShot.


KeyShotVR renders out the images and code to allow mouse or touch-enabled interaction with your models via the web. Now, you may remember something similar to this called QuicktimeVR, which isn’t developed by Apple any longer–I used that a decade ago creating client visuals. KeyShotVR adds a completely new model-spinnin’ twist though. It provides four VR types and a ton of custom setting to generate the visualization direct from KeyShot. Once it’s complete, upload to the web (or embed the code within an iframe) and view on any browser that supports HTML5–It’s not Flash or WebGL based, so higher quality and wider support across devices. KeyShotVR is set up as a $1,000 add-on to KeyShot Pro.


LuSt is the big announcement though. LuSt is a partnership between Luxion and Sabertooth Interactive. It’s a custom product that allows you to create product variations and view them via desktop or mobile device. It’s different from others you might see in that viewing, changing options and environments is all done realtime. It’s targeted at larger companies who need custom solutions developed and maintained, but like you, I’m hoping for an option available for the wider KeyShot userbase–the independent consultant and design house–who want to provide more than a set of pretty renderings at a design review.

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